While the application choices are different, the creative power of nanotechnology is still the same: ceramic nano-coating – also referred to as "liquid glass" – provides good protection for surfaces of all kinds. Whether it is sustainable textiles or a ceramic coating for a car, a plane, or any other vehicle: our products are the ideal solution for making surfaces and products stronger, more durable, and more resilient. Like "liquid glass," we offer tailor-made nano-coating products, concentrates, and raw materials for your production.


Shower cubicles, windows, sliders

Automobiles windshield

Infrastructure Exterior

Adaro coatings delivers a robust-performance, long-lasting, easy-to-clean protective coating on all types of glass surfaces, including glass cladding, glazed ceramics.This water repellent coating is permanently bonded to the surface forming an ultra-thin coating film. The thickness of the final coating layer is entirely invisible to naked eyes.It is also possible to add scratch resistance and dust-reducing properties to the constraint of overall thickness.Glass nano coating is tested for transmittance in visible range from 400 nm to 750 nm and it was found there was no loss in visual transmittance.Glass nano coat is applied just via simple spray and wipe application without any need to atomizers or equipments.


• Keep your windows spotless and squeaky clean to make people wonder how your glasses are cleaning itself ?
• No need of squeezing and using a strong chemical detergent, trying to get rid of all the foul skin, dirt and rain marks.
• Easy, inexpensive, and virtually permanent solution that would save you time and money?
• In the geographical areas where it is often rainy, it is a time-consuming and costly affair for daily household and commercial glass cleaning. Just imagine the labor and expense of cleaning each glass panel on a skyscraper every 3 years, which can be avoided by using an efficient nano-coating.
• In five-star hotels, if the shower starts repelling water and also saves time for using it, it would be a completely divine experience for your customers.


Transparency - Hazemeter

Coat thickness test

Abrasion - Taber