Houses today, residents and neighborhoods expect more from some as simple as a window. The emphasis on energy conservation and tighter legislation, in particular, creates a greater need for low-emissivity glass. Windows now play a major role in energy conservation and comfort through advances in glass, minimizing heat loss, and internal condensation. In modern architecture, glass is the foundation of design and aesthetics, and is increasingly being used in façades to allow natural light. Yet glass does have a few challenges:
 •Increases in the building's ambient temperature .
 •Failure to obstruct or retain heat during summers and cold in winter leading to high energy use.
 •Can't shield us from damaging UV and IR rays.

Glass heat shield meets all your energy-saving needs.This is a revolutionary Liquid Nano Coating which shields for living energy efficiency savings against the harmful rays from the sun.By incorporating coatings to the original glass, we were able to create a formulation with specific optical features that were previously unavailable. The IR Cut coating is capable of transmitting the maximum amount of visible light rays while cutting the infrared rays sharply.

                                                  WHY HEATSHIELD ? 

1. Saves Electricity: Reduces the cost of air conditioning. Cuts the cost of artificial lighting.

2. Heat insulation: Can effectively avoid infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation, the IR blocking rate exceeds 90%, the UV blocking rate exceeds 95%.

3. Ensures optimum transparency among all competitors: maximum optical transparency.

4. Keep interiors warmer: The interiors are comparatively warmer because of lower heat transfer and do not allow you to turn on the AC during the day. This saves energy and helps you to stay calm.

5. High durability: on average, the product is durable for 8 to 10 years. However, in different geographical conditions, practical life differs from case to case basis.